Who is the Original Skippy?

The Story:

This wonderful site was created by Travis Currier, who is a cancer-survivor & extraordinary internet marketer. His dream is to make this become a viral site that allows users to create original photos with witty labels and décor. Why SkippySkip? The creator had an on-going joke with his brother-in-law when he was in his high school years. Travis was living in the Sacramento area at the time when Jared walked into the Currier household and waited for his date with Travis’ sister. When Travis met him the first time, he saw Jared dressed in white butt hugger pants and a cute pink preppy sweater. Travis didn’t like this guy already and asked out loud to the family, “Who’s this skippy?” From that day on Jared was the “Original Skippy” . Over the years they became good friends after getting to know one another. Jared  Skippy did marry into the family.

Naturally, Travis introduced everyone to Jared as “Skippy”. It got to the point that no one knew his real name. But, the kicker was when Travis made southern California his new permanent home, Skippy turned the tables on him and introduced Travis as “Skippy” in front of all his family and friends. So, now more people know Travis as Skippy instead of Jared.

Now the world will know Jared   as Skippy thanks to a wonder invention called the internet.  Skippy’s picture was the first post on this website, please make sure to visit  and leave a comment or share with all your friends.  SkippySkip.com gets thousands of visitors each day, so Travis is very happy now that the world know who the “Original Skippy” really is.

Don’t worry– it’s not a mean label. It’s more of a family-joke that has been showing up for several years. Please feel free to skip around and share your photo creations, and don’t worry no animals where hurt making this site, plus we strive at making SkippySkip.com (SFW) Safe for Work.

The Story In the Story:

Besides getting even with Travis’ brother-in-law, SkippySkip is more than just an funny image website.  It was built on the foundation of “Laughter Heals”.  Travis is bone cancer survivor and during treatment he had 3 rules to follow.

Rule #1- Make sure you go outside everyday and enjoy the sun. Hospitals can be very dark places

Rule#2- Make sure to be thankful for everything and everybody you have in your life, you never know when your time is up.

Rule#3- Make sure to Laugh out Loud at least once a day <–This was way before LOL.

Laughing was a huge part of Travis’ life and funny images was a great way for Travis to laugh and be creative.  Photoshop was Travis’ best friend in the hospital.  After 2 years of cancer treatment and 3 hip and femur replacements Travis has self taught himself to be very internet and web suave.

The Goal:

To make you laugh out loud once a day, and to see you tomorrow so we can do it again, so you can share the laughter with your friends and family.