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Luke I’m your father. Noooooo..! I’m a Pony, I’m a Pony The Good Ol’ Days GUINEA-SAURUS REX!

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Funny quote about being bipolar. "I hate being Bipolar it is Awesome"

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Funny image of Dos Equis' Most Interesting Man in the World explaining youtube.

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Vote for Ron Paul
Who wants to read “Twilight” anyways- Hidden Scotch
Pretty sure you’re gay
The Price is RIGHT Bitch..!

Your Cell Phone has a name! Take the last three digits of your number. Type it like this @[XXX:0]. The name will appear.

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Funny Image of someone that that commented with very bad English, another user recommended the English dictionary.

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30 Dr. Seuss quotes that can change your life.

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Chillin, Like a Boss
The Price is RIGHT Bitch..!
Starving Students Company
Cluck Off- Chick-fil-A
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Will Ferrel got Arrested Today for feeding the homeless with a potato gun.

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Funny Image of 2 hairless cats getting into a argument about not having hair.

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