Luke I’m your father. Noooooo..! I’m a Pony, I’m a Pony The Good Ol’ Days GUINEA-SAURUS REX!

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Vote for Ron Paul
My Wiener is This Big [SFW]
Hidden Soldier on Grandma’s Couch
Original Skippy
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URL: Symmetry

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World Record

March 2, 2012

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Funny video of the world record paper airplane throw. This is a must see for all you world record junkies.


Batman strikes again
Who wants to read “Twilight” anyways- Hidden Scotch
Pretty sure you’re gay
Hidden Soldier on Grandma’s Couch

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This is my scar after I had my hip and femur replaced for the 3rd time. I did not get eaten by a shark I just made a funny video with the Jaws theme song as a joke. So before you comment this is just me making light of a bad situation. I actually made this website in the hospital because I loved looking at funny pictures. So please lets make this video viral. I just want to turn lemons into lemonade.

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Funny Image of two Baby Elephants taking a Bath. This is a must see.

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