GUINEA-SAURUS REX! Luke I’m your father. Noooooo..! I’m a Pony, I’m a Pony The Good Ol’ Days
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Picture by Mitt

After the second 2012 presidential election debate, this was the highlight of the debate. ” I have a binder full of women”.

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Pretty sure you’re gay
Vote for Ron Paul
Luke I’m your father. Noooooo..!
White man “Can” Jump
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Picture by Kim

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Picture by Bella

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Picture by Skippy

Chick-fil-A, protest against gay marriage.

Who wants to read “Twilight” anyways- Hidden Scotch
My Wiener is This Big [SFW]
Time for Lunch- McDonald’s
Swing State [I Vote Romney]

Funny image of a woman passing out on the game show "The Prices Right".

Picture by: Bob Barker

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Funny image of a mouse in a Mexican outfit with his arms spread, with a caption "My Wiener is This Big"

Picture by: Ron Jeremy

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