GUINEA-SAURUS REX! Luke I’m your father. Noooooo..! I’m a Pony, I’m a Pony The Good Ol’ Days
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Funny Image of a office that is located in a huge sky scraper looking over the clouds.

Picture by Jesus

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Image of Tim Tebow and an Owl

Picture by Tim Tebow

Funny Image of an owl looking at Tim Tebow say get the heck off my perch. Tim Tebow is turning heads and taking name. The best part about Tim Tebow is he is giving God all the credit.

White man “Can” Jump
Who wants to read “Twilight” anyways- Hidden Scotch
Luke I’m your father. Noooooo..!
Two Faced Cat- No Really

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Picture by Baby Jesus

I started Tim Tebow praying caption. This is very handy to use around the internet. Try one yourself.. Sorry this caption does not make sense, but if you find where I placed this image on the internet it is pretty funny. Love Skippy